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Salon service rates are based on the type of salon service requested by client. Subject to change at any time.


A valid credit/debit card must be used to book an appointment. The card will be used to make deposit and confirm appointment and is saved to your client profile. 


Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE and used toward the total service amount and the remaining balance will be due at the completion of service, either by the card on file or cash. These are the ONLY forms of accepted payment.

This saved card will also be charged up to 50% of service for violation of cancellation policy. Please see the cancellation policy.



Cancellations will not be accepted any later than 24 hours (1 day) prior to appointment start time. Please contact me for any emergencies and we will reschedule when possible.

There is a 15 minute grace period, at the 16th minute, a late fee will be added. After 30 minutes, the appointment will be cancelled. A no call/no show will be charged the deposit PLUS an inconvenience fee up to 50% of service amount to the card on file. This will result in being unable to book in the future.

I understand that the deposit is due upon the execution of this agreement to reserve the intended appointment date and that the remaining balance is due in cash (or card) upon completion of the service or if there is a late cancellation (the card on file will be charged) according to the AD+ Hair payment policy. Checking the box acknowledges understanding and compliance with this policy.

Terms + Conditions

(Including Acknowledgement and Assumptions of Hair loss, Tension, Allergic Reaction(s), Agreement of Release and Indemnity, and Other Provisions)


Please read this information carefully. The box must be checked by ALL customers and clients ("Customers" and "Clients") to the premises, facilities, and hairstylist--Andreanna Dotie and/or AD+ Hair LLC who is 16 years of age and older. If the client is under the age of 16 the clients' parent or guardian must FIRST have the permission of Andreanna Dotie/AD+ Hair by verbal or written agreement (between Andreanna Dotie/AD+ Hair and the parent/guardian) as a pardon to receive services, and must also check the box as evidence of his or her agreement to these terms an conditions for him or herself and, to the maximum extent allowed by law, by the verbal or written agreement on behalf of the client being pardoned. 


In consideration for the services rendered by Andreanna Dotie/AD+ Hair, I, Customer, Client, and the Parent/Guardian of anyone under the age of 16 acknowledge and agree as follows:


Customers and clients are allowed to move about the studio in Andreanna’s salon studio, and restroom. It is prohibited (Under ANY Circumstances or at ANY time) that customers and clients be in or found in--besides the areas stated above. If a client and customer should find themselves in any area, station, or space in the studio outside of what is allowed it is at their own risk that any damage and/or injury to self and belongings occur.



The threat of the Covid-19 virus (coronavirus, “rona”, “the virus”) requires a heightened awareness of the disease and preventative measures to reduce the chances of infection, of Clients, Customers, and Staff. All Clients and Customers must read carefully, understand and comply with the “COVID-19 Update” posted on the website and ask questions if they are not clear about preventative measures required. Clients and Customers must be 1) free of infections and circumstances which might indicate the possibility of infections, 2) frequently sanitize hands and items touched in the salon 3) wear a mask (optional) 4) maintain the separation recommended by health authorities except when momentarily unavoidable (for example, when taking a sip of water or eating a snack), and 5) immediately report to service provider, Andreanna Dotie or staff any condition or conduct which might indicate
the presence of or contribute to the spread of the virus, or any other communicable disease.


Luxury Extension services include preparation first, such as natural hair being shampooed, conditioned, detangled, blow dried, and straightened/flat-ironed, for the installation of extensions to your natural hair roots creating the desired style. Clients and customers have the responsibility of being careful in the environment. Being careful in the environment means you are keeping your voice down, the sound on your phone down, and not entering prohibited spaces without permission. The use of salon entities and requirements will be explained upon entry to the salon and/or before services are rendered. Face masks are optional.


The Microlink Maintenance Service includes a shampoo and style of choice for wefts and iTips. The Microlink Maintenance bundle includes tightening/bead adjustment, shampoo and style of choice for wefts and a partial tighten/bead adjustment (with the above listed) for iTips. The iTip Reinstall includes full tighten/bead adjustment for itips. No other preparation is required of the client or customer.


Removal services include the removal of your entire Microlink or weft install and a shampoo service. Takedowns are done by removing the microbeads and then separating the extensions from your natural hair by gently pulling the extensions only. For Sew In installs, the  thread used to secure the wefts, will be cut, the wefts will be removed and the braids will be undone.


Customers and clients are/will be receiving extension services that include, could potentially and even over time cause hair loss, thinning, balding, tension, allergic reactions, and allergies, from, but not limited to, hair extensions, hair products (heat protectant(s), primer(s), edge control(s), mousse(s), hair oil(s), shampoo(s), conditioner(s), and detangling spray(s) used while being serviced. Injuries and losses: arising from these and other risks include serious illness, strains, bruises and other contusions and in extreme cases emotional upset, anxiety and even death.


The risks described above, and others, are inherent in services rendered by Andreanna Dotie/AD+ Hair and receiving these services at Andreanna Dotie's salon studio -- that is, they cannot be removed without altering the nature of the services. The description of risks above is not complete and other unknown or unanticipated risks may result in hair loss, serious illness, injury or death.


ASSUMPTION OF RISKS I acknowledge and voluntarily assume the risks of illness, injury, and
death associated with these services, inherent or otherwise and whether or not they are described above. I understand that customers and clients may be in areas of the salon stated, supervised and not supervised. If the Customer and Client is a minor, I have discussed the services and risks with him/her and the Parent/Guardian, the minor child understands them and wishes to
participate nevertheless, and I consent to such participation, by checking the box below.


Hair must be at least 4” or shoulder length for services to be rendered. Failure to meet such requirements will result in your appointment being forfeited and/or canceled with no deposit refunded. I represent that my or my minor child conform to these requirements.

We have a 2 day cancellation policy. I agree that if I cancel less than 2 days or 48 hours from my scheduled appointment date, my card on file will be charged 100% of the total service cost. If I need to change my appointment date or time, I may do so--IF, Andreanna's schedule allows for immediate rescheduling-- at no additional deposit cost. If I cancel my appointment outside the 1 day window prior to my appointment date my card on file will not be charged and I am free to book


I grant to Andreanna Dotie/AD+ Hair the right to use for promotional purposes any photograph or video images taken of me, or the minor child, while at the salon studio, without compensation.


Should a court of competent jurisdiction declare any portion of this agreement enforceable, the remaining parts or paragraphs shall remain in full force and effect.


I agree that if a released party is forced to defend any action, lawsuit or litigation by me or my minor child or my or the child's executors, or heirs, or family on my or my child's behalf, I or my, or the child’s, heir’s or executors and I agree to pay released parties, their costs of litigation and attorney’s fees if or to the extent they successfully defend such action, lawsuit or litigation.


I agree that the venue of any lawsuit or other litigation regarding my or the child’s visit to the salon studio or the terms of this Agreement shall be in Harris County, Texas and governed by Texas substantive law (not including the laws of Texas which might invoke the laws of another jurisdiction.)


Personal information of Visitors will be kept confidential and will never be sold to third parties. It will ONLY be used for communications related to the services provided by Andreanna Dotie/AD+ Hair of Harris County, TX or to give notice of special promotions and sales events.


I have read, and fully understand this agreement. I am aware that checking the box below is an agreement and I am waiving the rights described above which I (or the minor on whose behalf I sign), or my (or the minor’s) heirs, next of kin, executors, administrators, assigns and
representative may have.

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